Sticky Pod Car Cameras

We here at Sticky Pod want to deliver our knowledge and revel in of which digicam makes and models work pleasant with the Sticky Pod when connected to any automobile, truck, van, boat, bike, airplane, RV, motorhome, trailer or any other vehicle. a few cameras paintings first-rate and others, by layout, will just not paintings very well. First allow’s have a look at cameras set up to a car.

Cameras established To A automobile

Sticky Pod vehicle cameras may be the smallest bullet (lipstick) cameras up to the most important Hollywood film cameras installed to any vehicle on the earth. however, a few cameras definitely perform much better than others. the first element we want you to understand is the substances that the digital camera itself is made of. All cameras are constructed from plastic with a metal subframe under the plastic to preserve the entirety collectively. those steel subframes are the important thing to creating a digital camera paintings nicely with a Sticky Pod. the first factor you have to look for in any camera, is one which has a steel mounting socket. it truly is the screw hole that you use to connect the Sticky Pod for your digital camera. almost all cameras use them, but some very small cameras do no longer have room for them, so please be cautious what you buy. As you will see while you exit to buy a camera (or to your present digicam), a lot of them have a plastic mounting socket. these cameras nonetheless have a steel subframe, however the producer selected to use the plastic housing to help your digicam on a mount. this is the worst type of mount for use with a Sticky Pod. The plastic flexes and you can not tighten the digicam to the Sticky Pod as it will strip the threads inside the digicam. because the plastic at the digicam will flex, this produces shaky, risky video whilst driving, and isn’t always the fault of the Sticky Pod, but of the digital camera itself. We do provide you with video commands on a way to use your Sticky Pod and we do provide some examples of what you may do to minimize the shake of a camera with a plastic mounting socket.

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then again, there are numerous makes and models of cameras that use metal mounting sockets. these cameras have a mounting socket this is connected directly to the metal subframe of the camera itself. this is an exquisite digicam to pick out for it’s strength and balance whilst installed to a Sticky Pod. no longer best are you able to get a very good tight healthy on your Sticky Pod, but these cameras produce some distance greater stable and usable video, pictures or film. So earlier than you buy, be sure to examine cameras and their bodily functions.

What To Do next?

if you have already got a digicam with a plastic mounting socket, you may nonetheless use it with a Sticky Pod, however you could find the motion pictures or photographs to be undesirable when the use of your camera at excessive speeds on the interior or out of doors of any automobile. it truly is no longer to say that you need to not attempt or which you can’t use the camera some other place. every so often the street you are using on could be very smooth and the camera will now not bounce or vibrate. other instances, you may use your Sticky Pod in a stationary environment, inclusive of surveillance from a window in your house or workplace. recollect, the Sticky Pod can live in vicinity for numerous days on a window or every other easy non-porous surface. We also offer a tether for introduced safety in the occasion something occurs while you’re now not around, something our competitors do not even provide and that they never have. That ought to inform you something approximately us. Any way you have a look at it, the Sticky Pod will hold your camera in greater places, for a longer time, than some other digicam mount on the market today. The secrets and techniques inside the suction cups.

in case you have already got a digicam with a metal mounting socket, congratulations, you’ve got a really perfect healthy for any environment. This kind of digicam has the energy and durability for decades of use and it really works excellent with any Sticky Pod model.

deciding on Your car digital camera

As you may see from above, the nice choice is the one that meets your bodily necessities. if you’re never going to apply a Sticky Pod in or on a car at the same time as driving, then any digital camera with any style of mounting socket will paintings. however, it is no longer constantly clean to are expecting the future, so we incredibly suggest you pick out a digital camera with a metal mounting socket. different elements to don’t forget relate to the environment you may be setting your camera into. for instance, if you plan on capturing motion pictures or photos from the outside of your automobile even as racing, a superb concept, then we propose a camera that has the subsequent bodily features:

metal mounting socket
Small and light-weight (many cameras nowadays can weigh less than 1 pound)
Small battery (now not the extended run batteries)
Lens filter out (capability to attach a lens filter out to assist protect the digital camera lens)
You must then look for the following digital capabilities:

digital or digital picture stabilization (extra in this underneath)
MiniDV video tape format (all MiniDV produce DVD satisfactory video) or IEEE 1394 Firewire Port (to transfer the movies or snap shots for your laptop)
You must keep away from shopping for virtual video cameras with difficult drives or DVD recording due to their incapacity to document in such a adversarial environment. whenever you hit a bump, the digicam will probably stop recording because of the jarring movement. it is a function it truly is constructed into the digicam to shield the hard pressure or DVD write head.

the fast listing above incorporates a substantial majority of cameras available on the market these days. Any nearby keep may have several picks so that it will pick from. just be sure to get a observe the lowest of the digicam earlier than you purchase. Do no longer consider what the store associate tells you approximately your new digital camera. You ought to affirm it is bodily and digital features for yourself by using taking a new one out of the container and review it proper there in the store.

If racing isn’t your style, however catching your neighbor, useless beat ex-husband (wife) or silly criminals pink surpassed, then the Sticky Pod is the best desire in your surveillance cameras. let’s accept it, the Sticky Pod would not simply provide you with an area to mount your digicam, it holds your digital camera rock regular for crystal clean digital videos and pics from any distance and in any lighting fixtures situation. if you show up to get stuck in the act during a stake out on your vehicle, you could take off with tires burning and by no means fear about your camera for even a second. Now when it comes to surveillance, there are a few exquisite digicam alternatives in the marketplace these days. not like the racing situations above, you can use the difficult drive and DVD recording cameras with splendid effects. some of these cameras can file DVD fine films for as much as 37 hours! We want you to understand that this is a huge amount of energy on your palms. The satisfactory element is, the Sticky Pod can undergo for a lot longer than 37 hours. we’ve got had Sticky Pods mounted to flat or curved glass for greater than a week at a time. they’re that correct! here are the physical capabilities we suggest for surveillance:

steel mounting socket (you by no means understand whilst you would possibly must speed off, however it is not important)
massive digital camera with a excessive optical zoom (make certain it is an optical zoom and no longer a virtual zoom)
huge battery or AC/DC adapter (so that you can plug it in for extended document times)
You ought to then look for the subsequent electronic features:

Optical, digital or digital photo stabilization (typically this is not wished, however it’s best to have)
hard force or DVD recording format (tough drives can record up to 37 hours!) or IEEE 1394 Firewire Port (to switch the videos or pix to your laptop)
Low light digital video recording (recall night imaginative and prescient for the reason that maximum crimes appear at night)

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